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Pulmonary involvement in Crohn's disease

Comprometimento pulmonar na doença de Crohn

Rodolfo Augusto Bacelar de Athayde1,a, Felipe Marques da Costa1,b, Ellen Caroline Toledo do Nascimento2,c, Roberta Karla Barbosa de Sales1,d, Andre Nathan Costa1,e

J Bras Pneumol.2018;44(6):519-521

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Differentiating between tuberculosis-related and lymphoma‑related lymphocytic pleural effusions by measuring clinical and laboratory variables: Is it possible?

É possível diferenciar derrames pleurais linfocíticos secundários a tuberculose ou linfoma através de variáveis clínicas e laboratoriais?

Leila Antonangelo, Francisco Suso Vargas, Eduardo Henrique Genofre, Caroline Maris Neves de Oliveira, Lisete Ribeiro Teixeira, Roberta Karla Barbosa de Sales

J Bras Pneumol.2012;38(2):181-187

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Objective: To describe clinical and laboratory characteristics in patients with tuberculosis-related or lymphoma-related lymphocytic pleural effusions, in order to identify the variables that might contribute to differentiating between these diseases. Methods: This was a retrospective study involving 159 adult HIV-negative patients with tuberculosis-related or lymphoma-related lymphocytic effusions (130 and 29 patients, respectively), treated between October of 2008 and March of 2010 at the Pleural Diseases Outpatient Clinic of the University of São Paulo School of Medicine Hospital das Clínicas Heart Institute, in the city of São Paulo, Brazil. Results: Mean age and the mean duration of symptoms were lower in the tuberculosis group than in the lymphoma group. The levels of proteins, albumin, cholesterol, amylase, and adenosine deaminase (ADA) in pleural fluid, as well as the serum levels of proteins, albumin, and amylase, were higher in the tuberculosis group, whereas serum cholesterol and triglycerides were higher in the lymphoma group. Pleural fluid leukocyte and lymphocyte counts were higher in the tuberculosis group. Of the tuberculosis group patients, none showed malignant cells; however, 4 showed atypical lymphocytes. Among the lymphoma group patients, cytology for neoplastic cells was positive, suspicious, and negative in 51.8%, 24.1%, and 24.1%, respectively. Immunophenotyping of pleural fluid was conclusive in most of the lymphoma patients. Conclusions: Our results demonstrate clinical and laboratory similarities among the patients with tuberculosis or lymphoma. Although protein and ADA levels in pleural fluid tended to be higher in the tuberculosis group than in the lymphoma group, even these variables showed an overlap. However, none of the tuberculosis group patients had pleural fluid ADA levels below the 40-U/L cut-off point.


Keywords: Pleural effusion; Tuberculosis; Lymphoma; Adenosine deaminase; Diagnosis, differential.


Primary effusion lymphoma in an immunocompetent patient

Linfoma primário de cavidade pleural em paciente imunocompetente

Leila Antonangelo, Francisco S Vargas, Lisete Ribeiro Teixeira, Marcelo A C Vaz, Maria Mirtes Sales, Luis C Moreira, Roberta Karla Barbosa de Sales

J Bras Pneumol.2005;31(6):563-566

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Primary effusion lymphoma is an unusual non-Hodgkin's lymphoma rarely seen in immunocompetent patients. Herein, we present clinical and biochemical data obtained from an immunocompetent patient diagnosed with primary effusion lymphoma.


Keywords: Pleural effusion; Lymphoma, non-Hodgkin; HIV seronegativity; Case reports


Renal sarcoidosis

Sarcoidose renal

Maria Enedina Claudino de Aquino, Roberta Karla Barbosa de Sales, José Antônio Freire dos Santos, Ana Lidia Régis, Nelson Morrone

J Bras Pneumol.2001;27(3):163-166

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In a 62-year-old white woman, submitted to preoperative evaluation for facectomy, urinary alterations were detected. The diagnosis established included left-sided kidney stones and homolateral exclusion. At pre-nephrectomy, interstitial widespread lung disease and thoracic adenopathy were evidenced and their investigation was postponed to after surgery. In the removed kidney, non cascous epithelioid granulomas were found. Later, transbronchial biopsy disclosed this same aspect. The patient was treated with methylprednisolone and presented slight pulmonary improvement, though no amelioration in renal function occurred. Final diagnosis was sarcoidosis with lung, thoraco-lymphatic and renal involvement.


Keywords: Sarcoidosis. Kidney failure. Pulmonary sarcoidosis.




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