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Localized and multisegmental bronchiectasis: clinical-epidemiological profile and surgical treatment results in 67 cases

Bronquiectasia localizada e multissegmentar: perfil clínico-epidemiológico e resultado do tratamento cirúrgico em 67 casos

Antero Gomes Neto, Marcos Lima de Medeiros, José Mauro Mendes Gifoni

J Bras Pneumol.2001;27(1):1-6

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Bronchiectasis is a disease which is rarely found in developed countries and has a high incidence in developing countries. In Brazil, the most frequent causes are viral or bacterial respiratory infections in childhood, and tuberculosis. Antibiotic therapy considerably reduces morbidity. However, in patients with persistent symptoms, surgical resection offers greater chances of cure or better quality of life. Objectives: Prospectively evaluate the clinical-epidemiological profile of patients with bronchiectasis as well as the results of surgical treatment in patients from two public hospitals in Fortaleza (CE), northeastern Brazil. Patients and method: Sixty-seven patients with bronchiectasis submitted to surgery between August 1989 and March 1999 were evaluated, as well as demographic data, etiology of the disease, complications, and therapeutic success rate. Results: Mean age of patients (39 females e 28 males) was 32.5 ± 14.1 years. The most frequent causes of bronchiectasis were viral or bacterial infection (44.8%) and tuberculosis (31.3%). The disease was localized in 46 patients and multisegmental in 21. In six patients it was bilateral. No surgical death occurred and postoperative complications were more frequent in patients with multisegmental bronchiectasis (9/21 versus 6/46, p = 0.011). From the 62 patients who were followed up, 49 were cured, 10 showed improvement, and 3 did not obtain any benefit. Results were excellent in 39 patients with localized bronchiectasis and in 10 patients with the multisegmental form of the disease (p < 0.001). Conclusion: Results show two distinct groups of patients: those with bronchiectasis, who presented fewer surgical complications and better postoperative results, and those with multisegmental bronchiectasis.


Keywords: Bronchiectasis. Epidemiological profiles. Clinical diagnosis. Treatment outcome. Surgical operative procedures.




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