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Bronchogenic cyst with videothoracoscopic approach

Cisto broncogênico com abordagem videotoracoscópica

Nelson Perelman Rosenberg, Celso Schuler, Fernando Delgiovo, José Augusto Ferreira Bittencourt

J Bras Pneumol.2002;28(6):339-341

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Bronchogenic cysts are the most common cause of mediastinal cystic mass and surgical resection is the treatment of choice. The authors report a case of bronchogenic cyst with successful treatment by video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS). They emphasize the benefits of VATS in the management of this pathology and compare this technique to conventional thoracotomy.


Sternal chondrosarcoma

Condrossarcoma de esterno

Nelson Perelman Rosenberg, Ivo Leuck Jr., Celso Schuler, Fernando Delgiovo, Eduardo Spadari de Araújo, Paula Vasconcelos Martini

J Bras Pneumol.2003;29(1):43-44

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Sternal neoplasms are very uncommon. The lack of consistent reports in the literature renders it difficult to make prospective evaluations. The authors report the case of a seventy-year old woman who presented with a chondrosarcoma of the sternum, treated at their service.



Osteocondroma: relato clínico

Nelson Perelman Rosenberg, Ivo Leuck Jr., Mario de Luca Jr., Miguel Angelo Martins Castro Jr.

J Bras Pneumol.2002;28(2):107-108

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Osteochondroma is generally found as a small, hard and painless tumor that grows from the outer surface of the costal metaphysis. We herein report the case of a 19-year-old female presenting chest pain with respiratory or hemodynamic involvement. Radiological examination showed a large intrathoracic calcified lesion compressing the mediastinal vessels.


Keywords: Osteochondroma. Thoracic injuries.


Swyer-James-MacLeod's syndrome

Síndrome de Swyer-James-MacLeod

Nelson Perelman Rosenberg, Daniel Augusto Pavan, Leandro Almeida Streher, Alessandro Comarú Pasqualotto

J Bras Pneumol.1999;25(1):57-60

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The hyperlucent lung syndrome, first described by Swyer and James, is considered a post-infectious complication related to bronchiolitis in infancy. The authors report a case of Swyer-James-MacLeod syndrome which was diagnosed in an adult male, and make a brief review of pertinent literature.


Keywords: Swyer-James-MacLeod. Syndrome. Bronchiolitis. Lung disease.




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